The arrival of a newborn carries new responsibilities and as parents we only want the best for our child, taking extra care in the choices we make. These choices are often made from the heart and one of it being the choice of clothes. 

Parents take special care and interest in dressing their little ones up, taking no compromise in their comfort. To complement their delicate skin, it is recommended choosing clothes made from natural fabrics; one of it being Cotton.

Cotton is recommended for children as it provides better aeration and keeps the skin dry and comfortable. It's softness is delicate on the skin and does not rub the skin. As it's non-allergenic, it is strongly believed to provide a rash-free experience. It is also durable and soft. Thus making it a popular choice among parents. 

At MunchkinB we recognise this concern and have made Cotton our primary choice of Fabric. Allow us to Mould Fashion with Comfort for you!